Zombie Tickets

In multiples of $25, $100, and %500.

Zombie Tickets are now available from Laser Sporting of Georgia, Inc.

As an introductory off we will be awarding rewards at different Zombie Ticket purchase levels. Buy Zombie Tickets for yourself and donate them to your family, friends, school, or church.

Convert some of your tax return or your pandemic money into Zombie Tickets so when the time comes to party, you�ll be ready no matter what your current economic status is.

The Zombie Tickets are very secure. Only you have the valid codes to redeem. If you give / donate the Zombie Tickets to an individual, you also pass along the redemption information.

And two final points. The cards are valid for any product or service Laser Sporting of Georgia, Inc. has on it�s web site at the time of redemption. Zombie Tickets have no fees or expiration date.
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