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Brandon Ferguson, Co-founder and President; GellyBall of GA, a DBA of Raindrops Express LLC; As President, his position is to ensure safety at every level, as well professionalism, punctuality, and most importantly satisfaction with each event. Our company takes pride in the consumer experience, as it is the most important aspect in all business interactions. We provide the pleasure of our services, not just great products. In his short professional career Brandon has accomplished a few goals from cutting grass after school, to running a christian based and family friendly sports entertainment business. But it all started as a Sandwich Artist at a local sub shop, and trying to understand his position in consumer services. Coming from a less fortunate family, and being raised in a community that was plagued with crime and gang violence, Brandom realized that things were tough not just for him, or his family, but everyone in his community. He wanted to make a change, somehow. Brandon likes to think back to doing yard work as a young man, and helping older neighbors with anything from raking leaves to washing cars. He wanted to help out anyway possible, and it always made him feel good, doing good for others. Brandon is a Man who loves his family, the Lord, and the young minds who will someday lead this country. GellyBall of GA was formed to inspire and enlighten the youth about the love that the Lord has for us all, as well as teaching discipline, respect, and care for firearms. GellyBall of GA wants to take firearms out of the hands of the youth and replace them with GellyBall Guns, to rid them of fear, curiosity, or nostalgia for firearms as we explain importance in safety and the serious danger that firearms present. As an avid shooter, Brandon loves guns as well as swords, he practices HEMA as an amateur sword fighter, and participates in amateur airsoft. He loves outdoor sports. And we think it's time get kids back to being kids running around, playing, and having fun outside with others in fellowship. We believe, that is what life is all about. Brandon was born in Atlanta, GA, and he his very happily engaged to the mother of his 4 year old son, and says that he feels blessed to have such a great opportunity to bring safety, care, and fun to everyone in GA!

Jim O'Connell, Vice President, and a partner since the formation of company 1 September 2020. He is currently the President of Laser Sporting of Georgia, Inc. (LSG) that provides GBG with other party rental needs. Jim has nearly 30 years expertise in the industry. Jim is retired from the U.S. Army and a Fortune 500 company where he was a computer geek. He is married to Eileen, a VP at LSG, for more than 20 years. Our customer service, from quoting through invoicing, is the cornerstone of our business. We pride ourselves in offering "turnkey" solutions for our customers. Our operators are well trained and professional to ensure a pleasant event. Our current focus is in the picnic, corporate entertainment and Exposition markets. But, we are open to any markets and venues.

Our Corporate Objectives

To honor God in all we do
To help each other develop
To serve our customers with excellence
To grow profitably

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